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Warranty up to 8 years

The result of the most advanced 3M research and technology, the new Wrapping Series 2080 films are guaranteed for up to 8 years!

3D Conformability

3M™ Wrap Film Serie 2080 is highly conformable and allows for faster and easier applications like never before.

Protective Film Layer

3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films engineered with a patent-pending Protective Film Layer and allows to reduce the potential for surface imperfections. The Protective Film Layer is removed easily once the film is applied to reveal a perfect finish.

A Great World Novelty

3M, world leader in the sector, introduces a great novelty: the 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 films: a new generation of films with advantages and features that aim to revolutionize the market.

Increase Quality but not the Price!

3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 has the same cost as the current 1080 Series plus a clearer and more convenient price classification per family. You can have the top of the market at a price never seen before.

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